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Currently hosted sites: 196553 - Free cpanel hosting Unlimit. Is a free web hosting provider was providing free Unlimited MB web space with Unlimited MB traffic. PHP programming supported,CGI/Perl programming supported, is also provides POP3 email account, not forced any advertisement to the user pages.

    Free hosting plan:
  - 99.99% Uptime Guarantee!
  - Support 24/7 Ticket
  - Disk space 10 Gb (Unlimited - premium hosting plan)
  - Data transfer 100 Gb (Unlimited - premium)
  - Email accounts 500 (Unlimited - premium)
  - FTP accounts 500 (Unlimited - premium)
  - MySQL databases 500 (Unlimited - premium)
  - Max daily unique visitors 100000 (Unlimited - premium)
  - MySQL connection hourly limit 100000 (Unlimited - premium)
  - Mailbox size limit 50 MB (Unlimited - premium)
  - Addon domains 500 (Unlimited - premium)
  - Sub domains 500 (Unlimited - premium)
  - Parked domains 500 (Unlimited - premium)
  - Edit MX records
  - Webmail
  - Edit MX records
  - Import Website tool
  - Import database tool
  - Website builder
  - Auto script installer
  - Website visitor statistics
  - Latest visitors log
  - Custom error pages (premium)
  - Online file manager
  - Backups (premium)
  - phpMyAdmin
  - Cron jobs (premium)
  - SSH access (premium)
  - DNS zone editor (premium)
  - PHPinfo
  Premium hosting plan - 1.99/month


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